Daycare and After School program

Our Mission...

is to provide a nurturing and affirming daycare learning facility for toddler and preschool children. Foundation Learning Center offers a community centered, academically competitive program in a nurturing environment. We will value and support each child in a classroom setting to aid parents in preparing their children as future leaders of the community. We believe that child care means encouraging confidence, positivity, and meeting clear-cut standards ensures the developmental and academic success of children.

Every child will be exposed to STEM concepts, mindfullness and cultural arts.

Tutoring, homework help and literacy enrichment will prepare students for advanced classes.

Children will receive positive affirmations and caring recognition.

Care providers will work with parents and children to implement developmental learning goals.

Each child will be monitored to ensure wellness and safety.


The infant care area includes tummytime, toys, books, and songs that encourage movement and language acquisition skills. Teachers and parents will collaborate to individualize daily scheduling of food, nap, and playtime.


The toddler daily schedule is a consistent balance of exploration and outdoor activities along with academic and confidence building lessons. Teachers introduce and encouragement self care through clean up time after each activity, bathroom breaks, quiet time, and more.


Children will consistently engage in activities that explore literacy, mathematics, science, and creative expression. Teachers will lead structured outdoor activities and movement games to improve coordination. Students will master concepts through hands on learning.

About me

I grew up in Greenville, NC about one hour east of the Raleigh area. I attended North Carolina State University nearly 10 minutes from Foundation Learning Center. I received a Bachelors of Science in Middle Grades Education: Language Arts and Social Studies in 2013. My vision is to teach and provide competitive lesson planning to enrich and improve student learning. My favorite subjects are reading, civics, sports, and yoga. My daily goal and commitment is to improve each student every day in the following subject areas: math, science, literacy, music, art, and health.

Pryscilla Brown, Director of Foundation Learning Center

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